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Copyright ©  2014 Solomon Hailu W.M.
All rights reserved.
Ethio Hahu Logo
የኢትዮጵያ ፊደል ቀረፃ ማዕከል።
is Home of

ኢትዮ ሀሁ ኢትዮጵኛ ፊደላት፦

Welcome to Ethiohahu/Ethiopian Font Foundry !
My name is Solomon Hailu W.M
Former student of Yigezu Bisrat.
Graduated from Fine Arts School of Addis
Certificate, Computer Graphics & Desktop publishing
All typeface design, web design, graphics e.t.c  are created by me.
Currently living & working in Los Angeles, CA.
If you have a project you want to discuss,
please contact me.

    Enjoy your visit
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ከ ፻ በላይ የፊደል ዓይነቶች፦ ለህትምት ፣ ለሲኒማ ፣    ለትልልቅ ፡ ማስታወቂያዎች  ወ. ዘ. ተ የተዘጋጁ ፊደሎች
ቀለምና ወረቀት ቆጣቢ  ፊደሎች።
ለሁሉም ቋንቋዎች የተዘጋጁ ኢትዮጵኛ ፊደላት።
በለመዱት መፍቻ ገበታ (Keyboard) የሚሠሩ ፊደላት።
በሁሉም መግበር፡ወይም፡መሳ፟ሊያ (Operating systems Mac, Pc.) የሚሠሩ ኢትዮጵኛ ፊደላት።
ለመነመሪያ (Scanner) የሚመቹ ኢትዮጵኛ ፊደላት።
ጥራታቸውን ጠብቀው የሚያድጉና የሚያንሱ(Vector) ኢትዮጵኛ ፊደላት።
ቀልጣፋና ቀላል ማንበብና መጻፍ ማስተማርያ ፊደላት።
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